Baby Shower – How to organize baby’s first party?

Baby Shower

Traditional American “Baby shower” parties are increasingly gaining popularity around the world. For those that do not know what it is, baby shower is a wonderful party arranged for the mother by her friends just 3-4 weeks before delivery. This article this explain you in detail how to organize, explaining all the key points from find free baby shower invitation templates to what activities are best for such a event.

What is in fact baby shower?

Baby shower is a party where future mom’s friends show particular care and attention approximately a month before birth. This event is concentrated all around the baby and the mother. Usually, the invitees bring gifts that will be useful for both the child and the mom.

It is important to film and take as many pictures as possible, as just in a few weeks the baby will be born. These will represent a treasure and remind of the pleasant moments together.

The support and love of friends in the last few weeks before birth are particularly important for pregnant women. It is well known that women in the pregnancy period are much more sensitive and vulnerable than their friends, which are not expecting a baby. Gifts will also make the holiday brighter, but will equally be useful later on.

Secretly or openly

You can prepare a baby shower in two ways: secretly and openly. If you prefer to organize a surprise than you will have to organize everything and plan every detail well in advance. This type of events are definitely much more challenging, but at the same time more rewarding.

One of the first things is to find a reason to invite the future mother. This could be difficult, as some mothers prefer to stay home in the weeks before the delivery (physically it becomes more and more difficult to travel long distances). So when the future mother would arrive to a predefined place or someone’s house, everyone would cheer “Surprise”.

If you want to go ahead with such a type of party, you must notify all the invitees that they be careful not to accidentally reveal the secret to the future mother. Usually this should be clearly mentioned in the invitation to the event. You can find on our websites a wide range of free baby shower invitation templates that are designed in such a way to make it evident that the party is a surprise.

If you do not see the need to organize a surprise, it will be much easier, because in this case, you do not have to invent a reason to invite the future mother to the celebration. Also you do not have to worry that one of the friends could suddenly reveal the secret of the upcoming event. Overall, this would be a better choice for those that are trying to avoid any risks.

Where to start

One of the first things to do is to ask your friend of the expected delivery date. It is best to arrange a baby shower a month before the baby’s born, and if the pregnant friend has health problems, it is best to arrange the party 1.5-2 months before delivery. In this case, you are sure that you will not be late for the event, and, secondly, it will be the physically easier for the future mother to enjoy the event.

After deciding on the venue and date, create invitations for all the invitees. Use free baby shower invitation templates to come up with your unique design. If necessary adjust the date, time and location to reflect the wishes of the future mother.


All participants should bring gifts for the mother and the baby. There are some important decisions to be taken by the organizers regarding this. There are important things that everyone should agree on:

1. All the participants (of course, except for the future mother) should buy gifts at their discretion. It may be baby care items, clothes for children, toys, as well as some nice and useful gadgets for the parents.

2. The organizers could make a list of things that have still have to be bought by their pregnant friend (as well called a “wish-list”). All invitees should select from the list something to buy. Make sure that you avoid buying the same thing twice.

At the beginning of the party, put the gifts in a specially designated place for this.


You can’t have a complete baby shower party without sweets and tea. Therefore, assign each invitee a thing that should bring for this. It could be anything from a homemade cake to tea bags (you never know what you might need).

The room

The room where the baby shower celebration will take place is usually decorated with a festive mood with lots of things related to small children. It could be hanging colourful balloons, funny soft toys, dolls and everything you can imagine for the newborn.

Do not forget that the chair for a pregnant could also be decorated in a special way. First you must choose a convenient place to locate it. Decorate this space in a way that would make the future mother feel at ease, but equally the most important person in the party.


Like with any event, a baby shower celebration should have its own program. There are many games and interesting quests that can be played to make the event more interesting.

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