How to choose the paper for printing wedding invitations: tips and tricks

How To Choose The Paper For Printing Wedding Invitations

After you have browsed the web for free wedding invitation templates for your wedding party, the next step is to actually print them. The most convenient and safe way to print beautiful, original and high quality wedding invitations (or other printed things for a wedding) is to go to a professional print shop that knows how to do it and has the relevant equipment. This article will explain how to choose the best type of paper and what do you need to know about it. After all, there are so many options out there…

Wedding invitations are the same as business cards for a company (or even more important). They set the tone for the celebration and are of fundamental significance. So their creation must be planed very carefully and accompanied by special warmth and love. After all, your closest and dearest people will get them.

Therefore, there are two important things in creating the perfect invitation: an outstanding design (browse this website for free wedding invitation templates) and then high quality printing. Initially, you can design your own invitation if you do not need something very complex and you have the adequate skills, taste and imagination. For this you will need to look for wedding invitation templates free and that are widely available on the web. Avoid sites that charge you for this service, as invitation templates free are quite common nowadays. With some effort you will find the perfect one and will manage to save those hard-earned dollars (or euros, depending where you live at the moment). Some print shops have adequate staff and can help you with designing process.

How to choose the right paper for the invitations?

When ordering invitations, envelopes, cards and other printed material for the wedding you will need to determine the density and type of paper, as well as the additional processing of finished products.

Paper weight is measured in grams per square meter, but this standard could vary depending on your country. We usually recommend everyone to use for wedding invitations paper with medium or high density. Usually, this means that you should look for paper that is from 150 to 300 g/m2 or even 320 g/m2.

As for the type of paper, one of the most common choices is to use coated paper. This is the most common type of paper used in digital printing. It feels and looks smooth, being covered with a special compound to give it a special brightness. To understand what coated paper is, you have to take any brochure, postcard or glossy magazine that you can find. Coated paper has two types of cover, matte and glossy and it’s up to you to choose that one you prefer.

As well, you can also ask your wedding invitation to be laminated, which involves covering the paper with a special film coating (again it can be matte or glossy). Lamination is used to make the paper shine, or on the contrary haze, as well as to increase the density and, finally, protect it from the external factors.

If you want something really beautiful and special, it is better to use designer paper. This is the common name for a range of materials with custom external features – textured, metallic, embossed paper, and others. Invitations and cards printed on designer paper will look very stylish, interesting and expensive.

What else can you do?

Another interesting thing you can you do is called post press. It involves cutting the invitation giving it an original shape – round, oval, etc. With the help of cutting you can get wavy-edged cards or other custom shapes like hearts, stars or flowers. However, please note that if you want something very original you will have to pay not only for printing of the cards and the cutting, but also for the manufacturing of the cutting knife. Our advice is to look for print shops that already have a ready-made knife, even though it is not exactly the same as the one you wanted. Then the cost cutting of your invitations would be much cheaper.

Well, one of the cheapest options for post printing decoration is foiling the wedding invitations, which involves applying a separate colored foil. This is a relatively cheap way of additionally decorating your card.

We hope that using this information you will be easily able to determine what exactly you would like at a reasonable price. In case you have additional questions about how to choose the right paper type or even how to find some good free wedding invitation templates, leave a comment in the section below.

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