How to choose the right print shop for your own wedding invitations

How To Choose The Right Print Shop For Your Own Wedding Invitations

So, you have decided to make your own wedding invitations, saving some bucks, but equally looking to make something creative and original. You have browsed all the free wedding invitation templates and have an idea of what you would like to do. You read multiple articles on how to make the perfect wedding invitation. Your last step before starting handing them out to your friends and family is actually printing them. This stage is crucial, as all your effort could be jeopardized by low quality paper or an out-dated printing press. This article will help you in choosing the right print house that would make your wedding party invitation stand out.

Wedding invitation printing is perhaps one of the few areas in the printing press business in which customers are treated with utmost care. And this is not surprising at all, since the wedding invitations are the first contact of the guests with upcoming event and therefore creates the first impression of it. And we all know what they say, “You’ll never get a second chance for a first impression”. Accordingly, everything must be made at the highest level, emphasizing the importance of the upcoming event.

It is for this reason that the wedding couples are advised to order the wedding invitations as soon as they know the date and venue of marriage, so that they have enough time to work and improve them. You could get the help of a wedding agency, but it’s better to do it yourself using the free wedding invitations templates available online. As a general rule, the reason for this is that wedding agencies pay almost no attention to invitations, and focus mostly on the party itself. As well you would be surprized, but they frequently use the same template for multiple ceremonies as this saves them time and money. Creating a wedding invitation could be an exciting process that will leave you with lots of positive memories, despite the exhausting process of choosing the right paper for printing and the development of an individual design.

Step 1

Let’s see how to choose the right printing press, as this will allow you to make the wedding invitations exactly the way you imagined them. The fact is that most print shops specialize only in digital printing, which does not allow the use such items as gold or silver paint, varnish, etc. during the production process. Based on this, it is necessary to discuss with your local print shop that they print complex images and formats, including printing on different types of surfaces. As well, be direct with them, and ask them to specify if they use professional equipment and not just a photo-printer in the back office. In case you are not sure or unimpressed by certain aspects, do not hesitate to leave and visit a different printing office.

Step 2

When making your invitations, it is worth paying as much attention as possible to the fact that the chosen print shop is flexible and has the ability to work with custom made orders. You have to be aware that stopping an industrial printing machine to update the data (basically send you invitation to printing) takes time and is a very expensive procedure. Therefore, some industrial/professional print shops refuse to work with clients that have small orders. Thus, make sure that you discuss this aspect from the beginning and make sure that this would be an issue.

Step 3

When ordering your invitations is important to discuss with the manufacturer when is the date when your order would be ready. The fact is most of the printing press companies have large orders that takes plenty of time to fulfil. Often they even have orders for up to a month in advance and such long-term could be fatal for the preparation of the upcoming event.

By following the above three simple rules, you not only get a wedding invitation in due time, but will be sure that your guests will be happy to attend your event. In case you have other questions regarding to printing the perfect invitations, do not hesitate to ask in the comments below. If you do not know where to start, look on our website for more free wedding invitation templates ideas.

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