How to choose the style of wedding invitations?

How To Choose The Style Of Wedding Invitations

The perfect invitations for the wedding party are the first thing that you should consider when planning this event. The point is that how you create them will depend on the on the concept of your wedding. You have to give your guests a subtle hint of what your wedding will be like. This will attract their attention, but equally reflect the character of the couple. Ideally, you should start any invitation by choosing the right free wedding invitation templates. You will find an impressive selection of free wedding invitation templates on our website.

How to choose the style of wedding invitations?

If you have a themed wedding, then it should be fairly easy to come up with some original invitations. After all, you have already planned the plot and the main images will symbolize your holiday. But if there is a particular subject you want to choose and you need inspiration, we suggest you start from the following points:

1. Choose your favourite colour.
2. Your favourite flowers and plants.
3. Your favourite time of the year (or the year in which the wedding will take place).
4. Places that you would like the most to visit.
5. Your favourite animal or bird.
6. What is your favourite flavour?
7. Your favourite drinks.
8. Your favourite vacation spots.
9. What is your favourite cartoon, movie, TV series or comic book?
10. Your favourite sightseeing in the city;
11. Your favourite city.
12. All cities and countries from which visitors come to your wedding.
13. Your favourite precious stones;
14. Your favourite food.
15. What is your favourite musical group?
16. At what age would you like to find yourself? (for example, in the Middle Ages or in the 80s of the last century).
17. Life style that you like best (for example a village or , conversely, a glamorous city).

18. Your favourite work of art (for example, a picture of a great artist).
19. Your favourite sport.
20. Your biggest dream.

We recommend that you print out this list, write the answers to those questions on a piece of paper independently from your partner. Then compare the answers with your partner and write down the ones that matched, as these might be the most obvious representation of your couple.

It is quite possible a situation in which none of the options match. In this case it is possible to find a compromise. For example, if the bride loves the pink colour, and the groom – black, you can order wedding invitations in black with pink ribbons. It will look very stylish and beautiful.

The next step is to search free wedding invitation templates that match the profile you created. There are plenty of free wedding invitation templates on our website, or alternatively you can Google this keyword for a wider selection.
Of course, if you cannot choose a style for your wedding invitations, you could always go the easy path by buying standard postcards. Remember that this option will not make your wedding memorable and the guests might just label the event as a simple party. Is this what you really want?

In case you have questions or would like to find additional information about how to find free wedding invitation templates, please leave a message in the section below.

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