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Invitation Templates Free

Invitation Templates Free

We constantly hear people complaining that they spend an awful lot of money on invitations and in the end they end up getting the same ones as everyone else. After years of working in the events industry, we came up with invitation templates free, a website that will give you the necessary tools and resources to make your event special.

Invitation templates free is a small community of people that believe in courage, creativity and accessibility. Forget about all those boring and crappy invitations that end up in the bin right after the dessert is served. We have templates that are truly distinctive and rest assured that nobody will match our quality.

To create a stylish invitation follow these steps:

Go to

Find the perfect template – we have put in place a massive selection of invitations

Find the right words – we believe that this could be the most important step. Be ready to spend days on finding the right message that you want to put across. Although there a numerous websites with ready made texts, don’t forget about how important it is to personalize and make them relevant for your own event. Always make sure that the words you are writing match the style of your invitation and especially the picture. Pick the right tone and try to adjust it to the audience and the occasion.

Don’t forget key information – we can’t stress enough the importance of providing all the necessary details. Yes, we have seen multiple times invitations with incomplete data about the name or location of the venue.

Print a sample first – this might save a lot of your money. Having a look at the sample invitation will give you the possibility to spot any mistakes or any areas for improvement. Check for typos, alignment issues.

The right paper is fundamental – make sure you have enough blank paper. We always recommend printing about 5% extra from what you need. You never know what might go wrong, and it is always better to have spare invitations, just in case.

Here at Invitation Templates Free we fully understand that this might seem simple, yet overwhelming due to the lack of time and resources. With appropriate planning you should find enough time to deal with this and send some invitations that would make your event stand out.

There are several types of invitations that you might consider. Please keep in mind that you should choose carefully the one that suits your event. In case you need help or have any questions, you can access the forum on this website and the Invitation Templates Free community will help you by giving an impartial advice.

Birthday Party Invitations

These can be handled in numerous ways and in the end it’s up to your desire and fantasy. Nevertheless, always use your common sense. If it’s a 60th birthday party, use something more formal and possibility send out paper invitations, as not everyone might be Internet savvy. If your baby is turning 2, it’s up to you to contact friends and family to hand them out an invitation. For example, if your girl is turning 9, you could consider letting her bring invitations to school for her classmates. Hopefully, you get the message.

Electronic Invitations

Usually used for rather informal settings, these are becoming more and more common especially with the emergence of social media (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter). You can equally send them by mail or used specialized websites. These present a huge benefit for the sender, as you can send mass invitations and at absolutely no expense (most of the services are free of charge). In some cases we recommend using paid websites. From our experience, these provide higher quality content and are more reliable. For those worried by the environmental impact, electronic invitations are a great way to save on those CO2 emissions, leaving a better planet for our kids. In the end it’s up to you to choose what you think is right for you.

Wedding Invitations

Being a formal event we highly recommend you to choose something that looks formal. In most cases, couples prefer to ask for professional help that costs about 10% of your wedding invitations budget. Invitation Templates Free will not charge you a penny and will give you the same quality content as a high street professional event planner. Nowadays, it has become quite common for couples to write with a smaller font RSVP information at the bottom of the invitation or on the backside.

Surprise Party Invitations

The most important part of the Surprise Party Invitation is actually to make the recipient aware that it is a surprise. It does not matter if it is an invitation for a birthday, bar mitzvah, anniversary, new job or any other reason, just don’t forget to write in bold on both sides that it should stay a surprise. It is important to mention at what time guests should arrive and at what time the person they are surprising is expected to arrive.

Other Occasion Invitation

Always consider the receiving party and what they would prefer. As mentioned before, use the common sense. If unsure use our forum to query our community, or just ask your friends what they think. They might point out to mistakes or things you haven’t considered.
Keeping in mind all these details, feel free to explore the other sections of Invitation Templates Free. Check out our articles and our forum and please let us know what you think by contacting us.

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