Tips For Invitation Templates

Tips For Invitation Templates

The color of your wedding is of fundamental importance. So it is not surprising that the right choice of the theme and colors for your party can seem overwhelming. Invitation Templates Free compiled a set of 12 tips that would help you in choosing the perfect color scheme. The key to creating a successful and stylish color combination for a wedding is to understand the relationship between the colors – and no, you do not have to graduate from an Art Academy to make the right choice. You just have to find a starting point (for example, your favorite flower or color of the eyes), and then go for it! Once you’ll have the right colors, it will be much easier to browse the section with Invitation Templates Free, looking for the perfect one.

1. Decide on the venue for the celebration.

When deciding on a color palette of the wedding, have a look the dominant colors of the venue where the wedding will take place. For example, if your wedding will take place on the beach, the natural choice would be blue or yellow (the colors of the sea and sand). And if you’re getting married at a country club decorated in dark blue and burgundy, pink or orange are unlikely to be the perfect choice.

2. Be inspired by the season.

The second rule made by Invitation Templates Free is to let nature determine your choice – they say it’s never wrong 🙂 . For example, pink or light blue will go with any season, but the bright pastel colors can look washed out for an autumn or winter wedding. Therefore, for a wedding during the cold period of the year, choose juicy and rich colors: like burgundy, scarlet, red, purple, chocolate and emerald. Conversely, during the summer and spring period, Invitation Templates Free considers that it would be more appropriate to go for cheerful bright colors, using dark ones as accents.

3. Explore.

Explore the color combinations that you like, whether it’s visiting art galleries or flipping through a stack of fashion magazines. Collect all the clippings from magazines and samples into a separate folder.
To select the exact shade, visit a nearby fabric store or paint store and collect all your favorite designs. This will help you make the right choice when you go for the green scale, as an example. You will already know exactly what shade you would like; a lime, grass green or emerald.

4. Select the dominant one.

To begin, select the main color – say blue – and then start thinking about shades and colors (the color aqua or lavender) that will accompany the main one.

5. Play with the colors.

Visit the online design sites, like Invitation Templates Free. On them you can find tools for combining different colors and finding your unique combination.

6. Set the mood.

Determine what kind of atmosphere you would like to have during your wedding. Is it a quiet family wedding? Or a royal and luxurious celebration? You could use bright yellow in combination with chocolate for a perfect rustic party

7. Do not forget the details.

Spend time looking for wedding accessories that would match your color combination – for example, purple and orange items for the event in an eastern style, or an elegant combination of green and pink for a summer wedding.

8. Diversify.

Are you struggling to select one combination? If the wedding is taking place in several places, each could have its own color palette. But choose a consistent color for your wedding to avoid making a rainbow of out the event.

9. Flowers.

The easiest ways to add color to your wedding are the flowers. Before choosing, please read on the different kinds of flowers, their color and seasonality. For example, if you want to choose the blue color for your wedding, the choice of colors would to be more limited than if you would choose red or yellow.

10. Do not forget about textiles.

For this you can have a look the directories of table linen rental companies. Use colored tablecloths and napkins for the cocktail party, the side tables and the tables for guests. Alternatively, you could focus on the dishes and the cutlery. Sometimes just a few accessories are enough to create the desired atmosphere, and you do not need to rent entire sets.

11. Lights.

Lighting can visually change the entire space you are renting for the wedding party. Discuss with the event organizer or a color expert what colors you could use to illuminate walls. Pink and amber tint will soften the room without too much saturation. Blue color is more complex, but can work well if you need to create a clear and cool space.

12. Check on the compatibility.

The last but not least is to keep in mind when making your final choice is that everything must combine and go well together. Nowadays, there are so many software tools that will help you create a picture of the final result. This will help you save money and time just from the beginning.

Invitation Templates Free hopes that these 12 basic rules will be useful for choosing the perfect color combination for your wedding. There some other rules that could be mentioned, but do not forget that it differs from case to case. In case you would like to get help from our community, please leave a message in the section below.

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