40th Birthday Party Invitations Template

40th Birthday Invitations Templates

So you’ve set up a great 40th anniversary for the person you love, or at least think a lot about, and they know nothing about it. So how are you going to get the word out? This hub looks at a few of the best ideas from 40th birthday invitations designs, to the wording you can put in them. As well as a couple of quirky ideas that are sure to please.

When you spend time looking at invitations, you could either get really excited with what is on offer, or really fed up with thinking that there isn’t anything original. I know I do! However, with some thinking you can turn even the most boring and mundane ideas into something reasonable. If you start with something simple – for example just buying basic invitations from a card shop or online – then you could simply use a bit of glitter glue here or there to spice up what could otherwise be a really boring card. You could also add a coloured insert to a basic card and write on that.

1) Getting personal with 40th Invitations ideas

40th Birthday Invitations For Twins

Anyone can send out a card. It doesn’t take more than a minute to grab a box of invitations from the local store, scribble an invite, and be done with it. But if you are anything like me then you will want it to be something personal which relates to your 40th birthday party ideas. So first think of the theme that you are doing at the party, and secondly think of your budget!

You could easily work up the colours that you are going to have into something that at least you can print out on your home computer. Or alternatively just get some nice coloured card. Here’s an easy way to make a card invitation.

40th Birthday Invitations Samples

First, get you base colour for the card. it should be something that is going to work with your theme for the party, or at worst a pink for girls and a blue for the men. You could also go dramatic with red black and white.

The easiest way is to fold one A5 size card in half to make an A6 size, then to layer up 3 other colours above it. You do this by cutting random shapes with 3 or 4 sides to them, each of a different size, and sticking them on top of each other. You will have to play around a bit to see what looks best, but it really is a random game. If you want to give it a bit of a twist then get some sticky buds from the local craft shop which raise the pieces of card off of each other. If in the UK, watch the thickness if you are posting as you will have to pay more. From your local craft store you will also be able to buy numbers which you can use to make the 4 and 0.

40th Birthday Invitations Elegant

You can search out loads of free card design ideas which will help you get to grips with what will work from the internet. Don’t get too ambitious if this is your first time.

40th Birthday Invitations Clip Art

If you want to get a bit more clever, then why not take those pieces of card and design something. A dinner jacket is pretty easy to make out of black and white paper. Borrow a book from the library for more creative card crafting ideas. You can personalise many of the designs too. Why not add sequins, glitter, or even a photo of the birthday person.

There are plenty of free 40th birthday invitations for men to print off on your home computer (see the link box). But you don’t have to go down the printable route if you don’t want to. If you are on a tight budget the following idea might work just as well for you. A great idea for blokes which kind of connects with their gadget thinking is to send out e-card invitations. You could also use survey monkey as a way of getting responses. Set up a survey monkey survey (ahem, ‘scuse the bad grammar!) and put the details into the e-card of where to reply to. The system will then aggregate your responses, and since you can ask all sorts of questions on the way through, like ‘tick to say you are bringing such and such and item of food’, you can get some really great responses that will help you organise things. For many people in my experience, responding to a tickbox survey gets a better response rate that asking people to reply to an email!

Templates for 40th Birthday Invitations

One of the most difficult areas of design is finding templates for 40th birthday invitations, but really will a little bit of out of the box thinking it’s not that difficult. One very simple suggestion is to follow one of the many adverts that you find on the internet about e-cards. When you go on the e-card site you will see many ideas for birthday cards, often created by professional designers. Whilst you might not want to directly print off or send an electronic version – and some of them are rather cartoony anyway – they might give you some inspiration particularly in terms of layout, colours, and words.

2 ) 40th birthday invitations for men

If you are just having a birthday party, with guests and food, why not start thinking a bit more creatively? Men love things like spies, the casino, or even Scalextrics. Why not instead of just having Free Invitations Templates a party connect to these favourite themes, and then create invitations that match the theme? If being a spy, you could write the invitation in code, though do remember to include a codebreaking solutions. Or you could make it more fun and put a free wordpress blog together, with the code solution on the web. Put the web address into the invitation as well as the code to be broken. You can even set a secret password for the site really easily!

Encourage people to come up with a fake identity too.

If you are having a casino night then you don’t have to use a simple card invite. Why not use a photo of a casino chip, and print that off on your home computer. Write the invitation onto the back of it. You can also get magicians cards which are blank on one side which you could write on for a casino invitation.

3) 40th birthday invitations wording ideas

Sometimes you can just go classic. At other times you could get creative. Plunder famous movie lines. Use innuendoes, but don’t push it to hard. There are some sensitive types like me out there who might be offended! Get the kids to come up with a rhyme for their dads birthday invites.

You could write it like a sales letter.

You could write in the style of a Shakespearean actor

If you had a theme of spies you could write in a Russian accent (vell, vhy not? The fun we could have darling vould be marvellous…)

Use classic poetry! Just go down the library and pull out a book. There really is no limit to what you could do to inspire some fantastic 40th birthday ideas.

4) Last few tips…

Send out your invitations in plenty of time.

Arrange for a friend to receive and coordinate the replies

Make sure you provide all the details, time arrive, leave, and any arrangements for car parking. Make sure that they all arrive in time, because late arriving guests can spoil it.

Arrange a small and intimate party the day before for the birthday person that isn’t a surprise so that they think they have already had it. Then the surprise 40th birthday invitations wording can say something about them having already had a small party, but you wanted to throw a second! Make sure that your guests know this because chances are the special guest will go around telling everyone how they aren’t having anything big and the small event is happening on whatever day it is. If you don’t tell the surprise guests they may get a bit confused.

If you are having a surprise party, make sure that the birthday person doesn’t get home too soon. When we threw my dad his 40th birthday party we sent him out with a friend for the day so that half way through he couldn’t decide to come home by accident!

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