How to make the wedding guests list?

Wedding Guests List

If you intend to have a small wedding just for friends and family, preparing the guest list can be a real challenge. It’s now that you have to decide who is really your friend that you have to invite or if that relative is close enough to join such a small circle. This is especially true when you are limited financially. The most stressful thing is that you could upset a lot of people. Before you go out there and look for free wedding invitation templates, you have to read this guide to see how many of those you will need.

Sometimes, making a list of wedding guests generates misunderstandings and quarrels between future newlyweds, as well as between their parents. However, all you need is to find a compromise that would make everyone happy.
Instruction on how to make a wedding guest list

Difficulty: Not easy at all

Step 1. First you need to take a sheet of paper on which you will write the guests that would like to see at your wedding.

Step 2. The first and biggest mistake that the future bride and groom do is to forgetting about themselves. So the first thing is to mark down themselves and then add the parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters, etc.

Step 3. At the end of the list are written by those guests who are not related to you by blood, like friends from school, work colleagues, etc.

Step 4. In compiling the list of wedding guests you should consider that some couples will come with their children. Even if they are very small, you have to write them down and count them. Use appropriate free wedding invitation templates to ask your invitees if they are bringing their children with them. It is necessary to count the total number of children that you are going to invite to your wedding, and write on the side their age as a note. When ordering a banquet venue, ask if there is a reduced price per place for children. This way you can save a little for your hard earned cash.

Step 5. Do not forget that food and drinks should be provided to the photographer, cameraman and musicians. They also need to be considered on the wedding list.

Step 6. Sometimes it’s hard to invite the same number of friends and family from both sides (bride and groom). After all, it could happen that the groom has a lot of friends and the bride a little, or vice versa. In this case, you have to agree on inviting any family members (for example, only to cousins), as well as how many friends you can invite both sides.

We hope that this step-by-step guide will help you in creating the perfect wedding guests list. If you have any questions regarding anything for wedding planning (browsing for free wedding invitation templates, guests lists, food &drinks, etc.), please leave a comment in the section below.

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