Unique ideas for wedding invitations

Unique Ideas For Wedding Invitations

Unique ideas for wedding invitations – The pre-wedding wedding invitations are a small stone in an avalanche of trouble. Invitation templates free will help you so that you do not have to use a classic postcard with a picture of two rings, known even to our great-grandparent.

A Card containing simple text and a boring picture is unlikely to cause fascination and surprise. Do you want to make wedding invitations unusual? Our first advice is to use a themed one! This is a first step in making something special. In this article you will learn more about some of the types of invitations out there. Still, never forget that in terms of wedding invitations the sky is the limit. Through out the years, we saw an incredible number of types, and in many cases it was something that would represent the couple.

Shell invitation

We are not talking about a shell shaped paper. We are talking about the real thing!! Imagine how guests would be delighted, having received an invitation in a shell, with a hint of sea odour reminding them of their times of fun and holidays. If held close to the ear they would hear the rustle of the waves and emerge into a different world! You can write down the valuable information a paper and put it inside a clamshell. If you want you can add a satin ribbon to add some visual value, but be careful not to overdo it. Another option would be to attach to your shell a mini-card. Invitation templates free assures you such a wedding invitation will give a range of happy moment and these invitations will not end up in a bin, but will be kept as a memory of the event. Most likely, your shell invitations will be used in a non-standard part of the decor in the homes of your loved ones.

Scroll invitation

Planning a wedding with a historical flair? Then send out invitations in form of ancient handwritten scrolls. Do not forget about the most important elements of the design: wax seal and calligraphy! Pushing aside the veil of seriousness, your relatives and friends will definitely be tempted to dress in Victorian attire. The idea is easily transformed into a pirate wedding (use bottles of rum), or even in the medical. Such a type of invitation will create the proper tone and setting of your party.

Billboard invitation

Have you ever received a wedding invitation in the form of a movie poster showing the lead actors and the session time or invitation in the form of a ticket? Having such a masterpiece, your guests will go to your wedding as if it would be the premiere of the highly anticipated movie.

Vinyl Record invitation

If you are making a wedding with a hipster theme, one idea would to make invitations on vinyl records. You can write on the vinyl all the necessary information, and some of the lucky guests will be able to listen to a nice selection of songs that you prepared for them.

Jam jar invitation

Albert Einstein was the author of the aphorism about the infinity of two things – the stupidity and the universe, but what funnily the legendary physicist he was not quite sure about the last one. But we believe that there is a third infinite thing! And it’s called a fantasy. It is crucial for creating the best and most unique wedding invitation.
Your loved ones are sweet tooth? Then you need to follow these instructions: print on a small piece of paper an invitation text and stick it on a jar of jam. Invitation templates free believes this is a tasty alternative to those boring paper invitations, which will give your invitations a taste of the party before even attending it.

Video invitation

You have a unique opportunity to impress your friends! A wonderful day of your wedding should remain forever in the memory and making a video wedding invitation is one of the best solutions for realizing this dream. Record the video appearing before future guests in a variety of cases. Convey the information about the dress code and the nature of the event in an entertaining and unobtrusive way possible. Invitation templates free recommends asking the help of a professional in doing a video invitation as it is more difficult than it seems.

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